Thursday, August 4, 2011


This all started when I started watching the Yatterman movie and tweeting about how outrageously funny it is. When the tweets started piling up, I decided to make a dedicated place for them.

1. Anyone can post their "Real-time Review" (aka your comments on the movie you're watching as you watch it), just talk to me and I'll give you access.
2. Your posts must include:
 - your name (or an alias, if you prefer)-- please note that if people choose not to use their real name, please respect their privacy and refrain from using it yourself.
 - the name of the movie you're watching, with a link to either IMDb or Wikipedia and whatever other information you feel like including (such as year, director, etc)
 - the conditions under which you're watching it (e.g. time, place, present company, level of inebriation...)
3. Tag your posts with your name/alias and the title of the movie
4. You can review more than just movies! TV shows, music videos, ads, anything you're watching that you feel the urge to blather about instantaneously is welcome here!
5. Don't worry about spelling or grammar. The whole point of a Real-time Review is to make spontaneous, stream of consciousness commentary.
6. is my favorite number.

There! Hajimaruyo! (let's begin)

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