Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zettai Kareshi Finale Special

Zettai Kareshi (aka 絶対彼氏, aka Absolute Boyfriend)
Fuji TV, Original Series 2008, Finale Special 2009
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Reviewed by Gaz, 9:24pm (Pacific), Wednesday, August 5th

I just watched the 2-hour finale special to one of my favorite J-dramas, the entirety of which I've watched at least twice through (although it's only 11 episodes long, so that doesn't say a whole lot).

Once again, I'm going to copy/paste from my twitter, because that's still my first instinct when reacting. I cried.

oh god I cried so hard

this whole show AND the 2 hour special is just one big lake of tears for me


even just hearing the opening strains of the end theme make me tear up.


For some context, the premise of the show is that this shy girl working at a big pastry company somehow ends up with a robot programmed to be her ideal boyfriend. Hijinks ensue, a love triangle develops with her very good-looking boss, the robot develops emotions and a sense of self, long story short the robot breaks and she and mr. gorgeous leave for Paris so she can study to become a pastry chef.
Now, cut to three years later, when the finale special takes place. Little miss so-and-so and Sir Hotpants return from Paris, engaged! Oh-hoh-hoh, dear readers, but some new scientist revives the robot loverboy and more heartstrings are pulled as we experience the love triangle all over again.

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  1. I also cried A LOT. Damn! I thought that there would be a happy ending for the finale episode! Night is definitely the absolute boyfriend! Even though he is a robot, he can love unconditionally. Not the typical ending but it is good movie.